For nearly 2,000 years, the shrines in and around Jerusalem have drawn pilgrims inspired by the life and death of the Lord. Not everyone, however, is able to travel to the Holy Land. As a result, ever since the Middle Ages, churches began erecting images devoted to various aspects of the passion. By the 15th century, the Franciscans developed a devotion called “Stations.” It took a while to fix the number and the names of the stations, but in 1731 Pope Clement XII established the 14 we know today. This hallowed tradition reminds us of the outpouring of Christ’s love as He accepted death on the cross. In keeping with this tradition, throughout Lent, Stations of the Cross will be prayed on Fridays at 7 p.m. in Saint James Church. This year because of Covid, the stations will be simplified and there will be no singing. Everyone is invited to join us for this time of prayer.

This Spring our partner parishes will be sending care packages to our members who are away at college. If you would like to have your son or daughter receive a package, kindly contact the parish office via the U.S. Mail or collection basket by Sunday, March 14. We are also in need of items to include in the packages, such as Twizzlers; Swedish fish; Oreos; single-serve soups, mac-n-cheese, and oatmeal; gift cards to Chick-fil-A, Starbucks, etc.; pudding cups; Nutella spread; Pop Tarts; Rice Krispies treats; Wheat Thins; cheese crackers; peanuts; granola bars; fruit roll ups; microwave popcorn, etc. If you are interested in donating any of these items, a box has been placed in the main vestibule of our churches to accept your contribution. All items must be received by Sunday, March 14.

Toddlers through 5th grade children [as well as their family members and friends] in the partner parishes of Our Lady, Queen of Peace and Saint James are asked to wear a mask and observe social distancing as we watch Abominable in the Saint James Parish activities center on Saturday, March 6, beginning at 6:30 p.m. All participants are to bring their own folding chair, blanket/comforter and pillow and may wear pajamas! Hostess snowballs, fresh blueberries, blueberry muffins, pizza, and blueberry juice boxes will be provided. Because of the pandemic, there is no cost for the event, but reservations [via the collection basket or U.S. Mail] are necessary by Monday, March 1.

Children of Our Lady, Queen of Peace and Saint James Parishes, and their extended family members, are invited to this gathering on Holy Saturday, April 3.  The children are to bring their own basket and place it on the sanctuary steps of Our Lady, Queen of Peace Church at 1:30 p.m. [masks are required and social distancing mandates will be followed]. A bag of Easter treats will be placed in each child’s basket and the Blessing of Easter Baskets will follow.  Afterwards the children will receive a chocolate cross and will be invited to have their photo taken with the Easter Bunny.  In order for us to prepared adequately, those who will be participating must RSVP with the parish office by Monday, March 29.

As the Church prepares to celebrate Christ’s resurrection, our partner parishes will offer the Sacrament of Anointing. Mask wearing and social distancing practices will be observed. If you, or someone you care about is sick, dealing with the problems that come with aging, facing surgery, or struggling with a mental or emotional problem, please come and share in the Lord’s healing and strength.


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