Providing for the safety and welfare of the faithful has necessitated many modifications to our ritual practices. To reduce the risk of transmitting the coronavirus, it is not permitted this year to “sign” the faithful with ashes in the customary fashion. Rather, on Ash Wednesday the tradition of being marked with ashes will take place in a different fashion, through a Sprinkling with Ashes.

          Sprinkling with Ashes is a custom observed in many countries throughout the world. The minister, using their thumb and index finger, secures a pinch of ashes from the vessel containing the ashes. Without using words, the minister then sprinkles these ashes on the heads of the recipients.

          Through this ancient practice we witness to our intention to undertake penitential practices during these Lenten days. We join with the whole Church throughout the world in acknowledging our need for continuing conversion. We express our hope and firm conviction that through Christ’s victory over sin and death our tears shall one day be turned to rejoicing.


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